In an effort to finance its digital voucher system that makes payments easier and cheaper, SureRemit launched its  Initial Coin Offering late last year, and has now yielded $7 million dollars. SureRemit leverages on the merchant network of SureGifts and

The year 2017 was amazing as Nigerian startups made the news for good reasons. We saw a lot of startups get funding, scale and acquire smaller businesses. These are good signs and it is our hope that we see more

Partech Ventures recently announced its extension to Africa with a potential of becoming the largest foreign venture funder on the continent. The California-based venture capital is backed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the European Investment Bank (EIB), Averroès Finance

Supported by the Honeywell Group, in partnership with the African Economic Revolution Fund (AERF) and based in Lagos, Itanna provides the expertise, capital, market connections, institutional knowledge and the capital required to enable innovative teams build revolutionary enterprises. The initiative invests

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SWOT (or SWOT Analysis) is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. These four elements are structural planning needed for good organization of projects or business ventures. The SWOT analysis is an incredible and powerful tool that can help

Most people go into business with hopes of scaling, and reaching far beyond their locality. There’s just one thing they miss out before starting, a detailed business plan. Is business plan is a written document stating the aim and goals

Are you among the thousands of passionate young people across the continent who has a great idea but know next to nothing about kick-starting their businesses? Have you been tripped and inspired by the Zuckerberg and Musk’s entrepreneurial adventures, and

Starting a business as a student, is a great thing, especially since you don’t yet have family demands, and there’s a lot of time to get things right. However, as students, we mostly lack capital, since the little allowance is

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